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Coastal Living Style Tips - how to get that ocean style!

I  just love the Coastal Living style, I love the blue hues and white colours that are so calming and relaxing and you don't always have to have a stunning sea view to achieve this look!

Here's some tips on giving your living space a touch of the ocean.....


Throws are a portable and cheap way of giving a sofa a face-lift. I find them great for pets and kids as they can easily be washed and they protect the more expensive sofa underneath.

 White and Navy Stripe Throw Navy and White Throw


Again another relatively inexpensive way of jazzing up your sofa. Choose a variety of scatter cushions to achieve a casual look. Different sizes or shapes for example.

Tall Ships Cushion Starfish Cushion Anchor Cushion 


The trick with accessories is to be subtle, to avoid the danger of over-kill. Starfish on a mantle piece, or a lighthouse Lamp for example. My favourite is a Model Yacht as a feature on a windowsill or mantel piece, or a Curlew Bird which can look very elegant.

Curlew Bird Model Sailboat Starfish Lighthouse Lamp

Decorating Techniques and Colours. 

A trip to your local DIY store will offer an vast selection of design colourways to inspire you. My advice would be to keep it simple. Stick to crisp whites and blue or grey hues to create a feature. Think about the colours you see at the coast and those that make you feel calm and inspired. With a recent decorating project at home we created a rustic beach look by used and oil based undercoat on lightly sanded tongue and groove wood to get a white washed appearance.

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